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The web is a busy place. Although your content would be amazing, it would be another piece of content to be discovered without promotion of content.

Most companies fail to market their content, as they feel they just have to wait until the traffic is released or posted on social media channels.

Heads up: That’s not going to happen unless you’re unbelievably fortunate.

So from the day it is published to the right audience, you have to think about promoting your content.

If you publish your content, we will introduce you to some of the best strategies you can use to generate traffic on your website. Let’s dive in!

1. Setup Push Notifications

The push notification website helps you keep in touch with visitors to your website once they leave your website. The idea is that they can be brought back. Use tools such as PushEngage to send mobile devices and desktop messages to your visitors. Result: increased involvement and increased website traffic.

2. Send an Email Broadcast/Newsletter

There are people who have chosen voluntarily to receive your updates in your email list. Campaign Monitor says you get a click from an email campaign six times as likely as a tweet. This is because the email recipients are involved and will more likely read your content and share it.

ProTip: After your first email, follow up in 5 days. Check your analytics and list your email-not-opening individuals. Send the email with another subject line back to this group.

3. Promote Your Content on Social Media 

Join relevant social media groups

Social media groups like Twitter chats, Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook groups – for each niche. There are social media groups. These communities are interested in the subject about which you are blogging.

ProTip: Join groups with many members. Join groups.

Publish at the right time

All have integrated analytics on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You may find out the time and day your audience is most active before you publish your contents. For this information, you may use various tools for the management of social media, such as Hootsuite or Sprout Social. Then use this information for your benefit by posting your content on the correct day at the correct time.

Create content promotion networks

Enhance your social media reach via platforms such as Viral Content Bee, building content promotion networks. Such platforms connect you to others as you wish their content to be enhanced. You can share their contributions and receive credits to promote your contributions. Another tool is Quuu, where contents are shared automatically. Sign in and choose the category you are required to do. Your posts are then included in the content queue.

ProTip: To make sure your content is optimised, relevant and adds value, use a content-optimization tool.

Use relevant hashtags

Tweets with multiple hashtags are 55 percent more commonly tweeted, according to a study by Buffer. And hashtag tweets are as involved as tweets without 2X.

It is a safe way to look at the contents you post on social media with the help of hashtags. However, you should be careful not to overdo it. Only use hashtags which are industry-relevant.

Participate in online communities

Online communities are great platforms to generate new traffic, as they already have a large number of engaged users. These platforms permit you to discuss niche topics and to present your content as an answer to questions posed by people. Reddit, LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, YouTube communities, and more are other small communities in which you can participate.

ProTip: Do not post links for your content immediately. The moderators regard it as spam and block you. Please spend some time replying to questions, join discussions and build your reputation gradually. Whenever necessary, share your website link.

Promoting content through the use of images and videos

The visual content of users today is gravitating. The way to connect to these users is a visually consistent social media feed. Enjoy your audience with images and videos included in your content. Some visual content statistics engage the public and drive the traffic to your site:

  • HubSpot research indicates that video content drives organic search results 50 times more than text content. The same study shows that post-search videos increase organic traffic by 157%.
  • Video is the best post format on Facebook, according to Buzzsumo. It receives 59% more commitment than other posts.

4. Paid Promotion Through Ads

Promote your content by paying for publicity. The publicity platforms are intended for a highly specific public. As a result, you get skilled transportation and ultimately help your customer base and business grow. For paid promotion, use these platforms:

  •     YouTube
  •     Twitter
  •     Reddit
  •     Facebook Advertising
  •     Google Ads

ProTip: Figure out your budget before you go to paid promotions. There’s as much or as little you can spend in any channel. You can choose your paid promotion strategy if you know what budget you have for each channel.

5. Utilize Tools to Automatically Share Blog Posts

Based on all major social platforms and new niche platforms, it is not enough to build social media. However, in order to keep your profiles active and drive your blog traffic, you must regularly post content on these platforms. The use of free tools, like IFTTT, to automatically share content on social media platforms, can be a time consuming process in manually sharing content.

6. Generate More Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the major influences in the rankings of Google.

However, it’s not only for beginners, but for experienced bloggers, to have backlinks from reputable websites and blogs. Here are some tips to get back to your website with quality:

  • Take a look at your industry influencers and reputable blogs and tell them your contents that they may want to link to.
  • Add a link to your website to your social media accounts – the easiest way to get back to your website
  • On your blog publish bloggers’ interviews and influencers. They will probably share your post with their users to monitor the interview so you have a backlink
  • My favourite – You can identify, replicate and steal your competitors’ links if you use a tool such as Ahrefs
  • Write guest posts on additional sites.

7. Participate in Q&A

Register for Pinterest as a business account to benefit from its marketing tools.

When you post your content to these sites, it will remain alive for a long time and thus your website will be regularly trafficked.

ProTip: Don’t go on a spree link. Write your responses in detail only if the context matches with links to your blog posts. If your content does not provide the reply that the public is looking for, then your content is likely to disappear.

8. Sign Up on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great strategy, according to Julia McCoy from Content Marketing Institute. She recommends some tips, however:

  • Maintain a short username.
  • Add to your website content a ‘Pin it’ button that allows people to pin images easily.
  • Fill out your organics, ensure your keywords are included.

ProTip: Register for Pinterest to benefit from its marketing tools as a business account.

9. Ask Influencers to Share Your Content

Marketing influencer is one of today’s warmest strategies. The concept of building mutually beneficial relationships is a subject of influence marketing.

If you have –

  • Built an Influencer Relation
  • Great content
  • Shared the content of the influencer

You can ask influencers indirectly to share their content.

  • Include a brief comment to share at the end of the email if their audience thinks it will be enjoyed.
  • Email them with your blog post telling them.

There is no reason why a person who influences the content is not willing to share.

There’s no need to share a person that influences the content.

If so – then the next influencer who is aligned more to your interests can make your efforts.


Enhance your SEO strategy with excellent content and increase your efforts to promote content to improve results. Use the above 9 tested strategies to get new visitors and faithful subscribers to your content.

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