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Technical SEO Audit

Uncover hidden issues stopping your keywords from ranking in the top positions and optimize your website’s technical foundation with our comprehensive Technical SEO Audit service. Our experienced team of SEO professionals will conduct a meticulous review of your website’s technical aspects to identify areas for improvement.


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A technical SEO audit is a crucial step in optimizing your website’s technical elements to enhance its visibility and performance in search engine rankings. At Content Hammering, we specialize in providing comprehensive technical SEO audit services to identify and address potential issues that may hinder your website’s search engine optimization efforts.

Our expert team of SEO professionals utilizes advanced tools and techniques to conduct a thorough examination of your website’s technical aspects. We assess various elements to ensure your website is crawlable, indexable, and optimized for search engines.

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Improving Website Crawling

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One of the key areas we focus on is website crawling and indexing. We analyze your website’s robots.txt file and XML sitemap to ensure search engine crawlers can access and index your web pages effectively. If there are any crawl errors or indexing issues, we identify and provide recommendations for resolving them.

Fixing URL Structure

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Additionally, we examine your website’s site architecture and URL structure. We assess the organization of your web pages, internal linking structure, and URL hierarchy to ensure a logical and user-friendly navigation system. A well-structured website helps search engines understand the relationship between pages and improves user experience.

Improving Website's Speed

website speed

Another critical aspect we evaluate is website speed and performance. We analyze factors such as page load times, server response times, and caching settings to ensure your website delivers a fast and seamless user experience. A fast-loading website not only improves user satisfaction but also contributes to higher search engine rankings.

Mobile-Friendly Audit

Our technical SEO audit also includes an in-depth analysis of your website’s mobile responsiveness. With the increasing number of users accessing the internet through mobile devices, it is crucial to have a mobile-friendly website. We assess your website’s mobile compatibility, responsive design, and mobile user experience to ensure optimal performance across all devices.

Schema Markup

Furthermore, we examine your website’s schema markup implementation. Schema markup helps search engines better understand your website’s content and display enhanced search results, such as rich snippets. We ensure that relevant schema markup is implemented correctly to maximize your website’s visibility and stand out in search engine results.

Our technical SEO audit goes beyond identifying issues. We provide detailed recommendations and a prioritized action plan to address the identified technical issues and optimize your website for search engines. Our team is available to assist you in implementing these recommendations or work collaboratively with your development team.

Partner with Content Hammering for a comprehensive technical SEO audit that uncovers hidden opportunities and resolves technical issues that may impact your website’s performance. Contact us today to ensure your website is fully optimized for search engines and poised for success in the digital landscape.

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